My Story - What is "Business Stamina"?

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My Story – What is “Business Stamina”?

I was 33 and already had two million frequent flier miles.  I was also fat, weak and projected insecurity in my dealings.  As I got older, it only got worse.  Long meetings, long days, airplane rides, booze, late nights and then it happened.  I was 40, fat and weak.   It started to impact my career.   I was self-conscious about my weight, clothes didn’t fit, so I bought cheaper clothes because I was always “gonna get fit”.  I remember vividly I decided to buy a nice shirt, and it looked like crap on me because I looked like crap.

That was my moment, I decided then and there I wasn’t going to be the fat old guy in an ill-fitting business suit. I was going to lean up, build up my confidence and get going!   I hired an awesome trainer, Adam Hammett, who is legendary in our town and he got me going on proper exercise and diet.  But, it was still really hard to stay on target flying 40 weeks out of the year, hitting deadlines, keeping up with “networking dinners”, etc etc.  It was nonstop.    While my confidence increased, I didn’t ever really get the proper nutrition and/or the best out of my workouts because I was tired or hungover or jetlagged.

Look, nothing replaces a good diet, a strong healthy regimen at the gym and people to keep you accountable.   But, we feel the pain of modern pressures.

As unpopular as it is to say, overweight and unhealthy people are discriminated against.  It’s human nature, whether it be social or business settings, you just want to work more with people who look like they have their health together instead of someone who doesn’t.  If someone can’t take care of their body, how can they take care of my business?

It’s a good investment to take care of yourself.  It will give your self-confidence a boost, potentially your career and maybe even your pocketbook.  Worst case, you’ll be stronger and healthier.

Resultex Performance is dedicated to helping professionals get fit with a variety of supplements designed to increase efficiency and make the most of your precious time at the gym.  It’s as simple as that.

So what is “business stamina”, it’s having the fitness to endure a long day, a day on your feet presenting to a top customer, a delayed airline flight, a day trip, a long deadline.   The facts are, stronger people perform better.

Today, I’ve still got a long way to go, but I can pretty much handle anything the business world throws at me from a long trip to late nights, to have the confidence to order healthy food at a restaurant.  It’s all about choices and I’m proud to be a small part of helping Adam and Debra launch this performance supplement company.

Charlie A, long time client of Adam Hammett